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Headlining Comedians from Comedy Central, HBO, Netflix, and more!

News 9-30-23:
Thank you for all the sold out summer shows!
We will be resuming in mid-late October, see everyone very soon!
(Also our website is being updated, please bear with)

Comedy Hideaway – Santa Barbara Comedy Club at 1203 State.st, Santa Barbara, CA, 93101

Past performers have included:

Between 2009 and 2019 Comedy Hideaway put on the best comedy club shows in Santa Barbara, and after a hiatus during 2020-2022 (did something happen those years?) we are back at our new home on State Street! Next to and partnering with the fabulous Benchmark Eatery, across the street from the Granada Theatre. There is finally a Santa Barbara Comedy Club in town, with the best Stand-Up comedians from across the country.

new website coming soon for Comedy Hideaway - Santa Barbara Comedy Club

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Not a real zip code.

Contact us at 805-364-2912 - ComedyHideaway@gmail.com