Sam Tripolli – Comedy Central – Showtime – Late Late Show – Tours Nationally

Sam Tripolli – Comedy Central – Showtime – Late Late Show – Tours Nationally


Tripoli has said that performing and the desire to make people laugh has been in his blood since age two, and he began doing stand-up comedy in Las Vegas one night on a dare. He was soon performing in casinos with Mutiny, an improv troupe he co-founded, as well as hosting his own weekly shows on the strip.[4]
In 2000, Tripoli moved to Los Angeles. His first break came while working the door at The Comedy Store. Owner Mitzi Shore decided to put together a Middle Eastern themed show called “Arabian Knights”,[5] and Tripoli’s Armenian descent got him on the bill. He was one of only two comedians at The Comedy Store to do their first set as a paid regular in The Main Room – the other was Roseanne Barr.[6]
In 2006, friend and fellow comedian Steve Byrne brought him along to an audition for Spike TV, which resulted in Tripoli getting cast as a co-host on the network’s Wild World of Spike.[7]
Tripoli was chosen as a finalist in 2008’s “Who Wants to be Howard Stern” contest, and his demo was played on-air.[8]
Tripoli is currently performs throughout Los Angeles. “Crimefighter” was the title of his debut comedy album and a frequent theme in his act. He has toured as part of The Monsters of Comedy,[9] Rock Stars of Comedy[10] and a USO Tour of Afghanistan organized by Vince Vaughn.[11]
Tripoli created The Naughty Show, which is both a live comedy variety show[12] and a weekly podcast on the DEATHSQUAD network.[13] Both shows incorporate comedians, adult film stars, characters and videos. He is also a frequent guest on The Joe Rogan Experience and Ice House Chronicles.
In February 2012, Tripoli and fellow comedians Ari Shaffir and Jayson Thibault launched Punch-Drunk, a sports radio show, on the Toadhop Network.[14]

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