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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s going on with Comedy Hideaway these days?

(music fades in)
Hello, is it me you’re looking for?…

Hideaway, is that you?

In the hilarious flesh, ladies and gents.

Wait, are you guys back?

WE… WERE!  For almost 16 months, there!  Then, you know, “the best laid plans of Mice and Comics…”

What happened?

Long story, lots of politicking.  We’ve made our peace with it!  Water under the bridge.

  • So, what happens now?

We’re opening a Comedy Club with John Cleese as our Primary Investor, duh.

  • Whaaat that’s insane!

It’s surreal.  We are over the moon about it.

  • I saw something about that back in February, is that the same thing?

Yes, indeed!  Now that we have all our focus on the club, it’s full-steam ahead!

  • Where is this club going to be?

Downtown Santa Barbara, just like you always wanted.  Trust us, you always wanted this.

  • What about Promotional Tickets?

All existing promotional tickets, expired or not, will work at our club’s regularly-scheduled shows. As per usual, this will not include Special Events.


  • What will the age requirement be?

Our shows are appropriate for attendees 17 and up (like an R-Rated movie!).  Obviously, underage patrons are never served alcohol.  (Our club will likely have a 21+ age requirement, due to license and permit mandates.)

  • What about large parties?

We always love large parties, but we do request that if you have a party larger than 6 people, PLEASE CHECK IN WITH US AT LEAST A HALF-HOUR BEFORE SHOWTIME  The closer it gets to showtime, the less space there is, and the likelihood of having to split-up your party to random parts of the room SKYROCKETS.  Consider yourselves advised!  😀

  • What time should I get there?

Doors open up to an hour ahead of showtime!  Please arrive at very least a half-hour early so that we may get your tickets processed, get you seated, and get your food and drink orders in with the waitstaff before the show starts.  If we can’t seat you due to an ongoing show, you’re ALWAYS welcome to wait, eat, and drink in our bar lounge area.

  • Is there a drink minimum?

We recommend and encourage at least two items to support our hardworking comics and waitstaff.

  • My printer is broken, can I show you the ticket on my phone?


  • My phone and printer are broken. What now?

If you’ve purchased or claimed tickets through our Eventbrite service, your name will be on the guest list at the door.

  • How do I make reservations for promotional vouchers (online discounts, etc.)?

Type “RSVP” in the field that appears when you click Enter Promotional Code promo code box and type the name of the voucher type you have (not the number).  RSVP options will pop up when you hit reply so select the number of attendees and go through like you would for purchasing tickets.

Also feel free to call us at (805) 364-2999 anytime or email us at ComedyHideaway@gmail.com for reservations.
Please note that we only take a certain number of these per week and reservations aren’t required, albeit they are STRONGLY recommended, to use a promo voucher.

  • What should I include in an RSVP message (either on the phone or in an email to ComedyHideaway@gmail.com)?

In an RSVP, please change the subject of the email to “[MM/DD Date] RSVP” and then include:
1) Your name for the reservation
2) The date (and time) you are interested in attending
3) The size of your party
4) The method of purchase (eventbrite, promo voucher, promo VIP, etc)
5) Your phone number (we won’t necessarily contact you, and your RSVP is a reservation by itself, but this should be included just in case!)


Please Email us at BookingsComedyH@gmail.com with your name, credits, submission videos, and availability!  ALSO: any vouches from Comedy Hideaway regulars go a long way, so get them to reach out to us on your behalf!  Keep in mind that our Weekly shows are rather prestigious (aw yeah) and that being one night a week, for the time being, affords us only so much in the way of Guest, Featured-Host, and Headline spots.  Once we have our full-time club open in late 2019, there will be a LOT more opportunities to grace the Comedy Hideaway stage!

Thank you all for your continued support of live comedy!