Email us with any questions or to find out about large group rates:

In an RSVP, please change the subject of the email to “[MM/DD Date] RSVP” and then include:
1) Your name for the reservation
2) The date (and time) you are interested in attending
3) The size of your party
4) The method of purchase (eventbrite, promo voucher, promo VIP, etc)
5) Your phone number (we won’t necessarily contact you, and your RSVP is a reservation by itself, but this should be included just in case!)

You can also Call or Text us at:

Phone: (805) 364-2999

Hours for phone support are:
Wed 1pm – 9pm
Thu 1pm – 9pm
Fri 1pm – 9pm
Sat 1pm – 9pm

FOR BOOKINGS: Please email us and include your Name and a Website/Youtube link. We’re always looking for new talent!

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